I have updated Sketchup and now cannot open my files in Aspire or VCarve

With the updates to Sketchup, their files have become version locked.

This means that our software can only open particular editions of Sketchup files.

Aspire V4.514 and VCarve Pro V7.514: Sketchup 2014 and earlier.

Aspire v8.024 and VCarve Pro/Desktop V8.024: Sketchup 2015 and earlier.

Aspire v8.5, VCarve and Cut2D Pro/Desktop V8.5: Sketchup 2016 and earlier. (Vectors only for Cut2D)

If you have a later version of Sketchup, then when saving a Sketchup file, you will need to change the Save as Type to an earlier version of Sketchup.



Saving a SKP fie this way will allow you to then import it into your Aspire and VCarve Pro/Desktop software.