Dropbox and File Sharing Folders

While Dropbox and other File sharing distribution methods are helpful for sending project files between friends and colleagues, for best practices we recommend having a local folder on your Hard Drive to save your .CRV and .CRV3D Project files from Aspire/VCarve/Cut2D, before then copying them from this folder into the special Dropbox (or other Shared) Folder.

This is because with the way File sharing works, if a friend or colleague accesses your file when you go to save (Or the system Syncs the file at that time) then it can lead to file corruption and lost data.

Saving the Project file directly to your local Hard Drive prevents this from happening, and allows you to then safely copy and paste the correctly saved file to your Shared Folder.


This has the added advantage that is someone edits your shared file, you can still access the original saved on your local computer if required.