The following video tutorials and manuals explain how to use Cut3D and introduce the key features in the software.

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cut3d-single-sided-machCut3D - Single Sided Machining

This tutorial introduces Cut3D and explains how to quickly load and machine a 3D Carved Bowl.

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cut3d-double-sided-machCut3D - Double Sided Machining with Tabs

This tutorial shows how Cut3D can be used to machine 2 sides of a 3D model, using Tabs to hold the part in place during machining and only cutting to the silhouette boundary of the 3D model.

Watch (09:49):  Download Tutorial pdf

cut3d-slicingCut3D - Slicing and Machining 3D Models

This tutorial shows how to size and slice a 3D model to create separate model that can be individually machined and assembled to create a large 3D project.

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cut3d-four-sided-machCut3D - Four Sided Machining

This tutorial shows how to calculate 4 sided roughing and finishing toolpaths for cutting complex designs.

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