What settings work for getting good results with PhotoVCarve?

Obtaining good results with PhotoVCarve depends on many factors and differs from project to project. However, the following considerations should help.

  • Perhaps the most important is the quality of the picture you are using. This can possibly be improved using photo editing software available both for sale and free. If you can post the picture on the forum in the PhotoVCarve section, many forum members good with this type of software have been willing to help and advise.

  • The material you pick should be perfectly flat and a color that will generate a good color contrast between the material and v-grooves once a stain or paint is applied. If your material is wood, lighter woods seem to work better and it should be a species that does not have overpowering grain such as Oak.

  • The bits you use should be very sharp and accurately sized and setup in the tool database.

  • At your machine, the bit's Z Zero has to be precisely set to zero at the same location as set in the PhotoVCarve project. It does not take much, too high or too low, to change the machined results significantly.

Again, with so many variables it is impossible to provide one good answer. There are many users on the forum getting great results, so do not hesitate to ask for their help and guidance.

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