How do I use tutorials in the Trial Edition?

This article applies to the following Version 8.0 full and trial software:

  • Aspire
  • VCarve Pro
  • VCarve Desktop
  • Cut2D Desktop
  • Cut2D Pro

Steps to use tutorial files.

  1. Open Trial software
  2. Click Video Tutorial Browser in left hand panel
  3. Click View Tutorials under By Catagory
  4. Click Wing Spar under the Getting started heading
  5. Click Download Files
  6. Open downloaded installer and run it, following on screen instructions
  7. Go back to Internet browser witht he Tutorial Window and press F5
  8. This will change the "Download Files" to "View Files"
  9. Click on "View Files" and you will be able to open the CRV files which contain toolpathing you can export with the appropriate Post Processor for your machine. Please be sure to edit the existing toolpathing to correct the tool settings and Cut depth to be suitable for your machine to avoid creating commands that may damage your machine and toolbits.