What is the Vectric Portal?

The Vectric Portal is the new system introduced in March 2015 to allow customers to access their software and licence details at any time, rather then needing to specially contact us to request the details.

The system currently is serving all customers who have purchased our Version 8.0 software, also released in 2015.

These products are as follows:

  • Aspire v8.0
  • VCarve Pro v8.0
  • VCarve Desktop v8.0
  • Cut2D Pro v8.0
  • Cut2D Desktop v8.0

The portal contains download links and licence details for each users software purchases as well as any related downloads, such as Clipart that come as part of the software they have purchased.

This makes it an ideal place for users to go to to manage their licence details and access downloads when needed.