User Forum - How do I upload files or photos to the forum?

How do I upload files or photos to the forum? 

Only certain file extensions are permitted: CRV, CRV3D, ZIP, JPG, PNG

To add a file or photo to a forum entry click on the "Upload attachment" found below the Save draft | Preview | Submit buttons underneath the message form.

When the "Upload attachment" button is selected, a section opens.

Click on the "Choose File" button to select a file or photo that you want to 
add to your forum message.

A dialog box opens. Select the file to upload and click Open.

Once the file is uploaded, click the "Add the file" button.

Forum Upload

Why can't I upload files to the forum?
The maximum size of file that can be uploaded is 2MB in size.

If an image is larger then this file size, it will need to be resized to be the correct size for uploading.


Taking a Screenshot.

You can easily take a screenshot in Windows using the Snipping tool which comes with Windows.

Load the snipping tool and click the NEW button.

Click and drag the mouse from the top left corner of the area you wish to copy, and drag to the bottom right corner of the area you wish to copy.

When the mouse button is released, The Snipping tool will copy the screen and you can then Save the new image to a PNG picture file.

This can be uploaded as detailed above.