What is the latest software version available?

The latest versions of each of Vectric's programs are as follows,

Software Version Number
Aspire V10.022
VCarve Pro / Desktop V10.022
Cut2D Pro / Desktop V10.022
Cut3D V1.110 (English only)
PhotoVCarve V1.102 (English only)

To check whether you are running the latest version of your product, please run the software and click 'About' found under the 'Help' menu. If you are not running the version number above, then the information on the pages linked to below will help bring you up to date.

If you are not running the latest major release version as above i.e. you are using Aspire 3 instead of Aspire 4, then you may want to learn more about the new and exciting features that have been added to your product. You can check out the latest enhancements as well as our affordable upgrade options by visiting: http://support.vectric.com/upgrade

If you are running an older version then you may be entitled to update to the latest minor release of that software. You can view all available updates by visiting: