Installing Additional Clipart

To install Additional Clipart files in Aspire and VCarve from the various sources available you can follow these steps.

This applies to the following types of files:

VectorArt 3D .v3m files

Legacy Design & Carve Model Collections (Wild West and Wildlife Scenes) (Only applicable for Aspire)

Aspire .3DClip clipart files (Only applicable for Aspire)


All of these different file types will be saved to your computer, either downloaded from VectorArt 3D as a .Zip file or located on the Design & Carve Model Collections DVD. Locate your files and note where they are saved, as we will want to come back to them.

Next we need to locate the Clipart Folder in the Vectric Files Folder and have it open on your screen. In this folder you can create new folders to help organise your clipart by type, and you may also have a number of folders already from previously installed Clipart.

You can create any number of folders in here for your Clipart to help arrange the clipart within Aspire and VCarve. In this case go ahead and create a new folder, and name it "VectorArt 3D", pressing Enter to complete the new name.

Now we have a location to place our new Clipart, in a Second Window, go back to where your Clipart is currently.

The first thing to do is to make sure that all of your files are unzipped. If their name ends in .zip, they will need to first be unzipped. You can do this by right clicking the file and selecting the option "Extract All.." and then in the new window that appears select "Extract". This will unzip the files for you.

We will want to use the standard Windows method of moving files (Cut & Paste) or Drag and Drop to move the files to our new folder.


Once the clipart files are moved to the Clipart folder and organised when you next open Aspire or VCarve you will find your new clipart and folders in the Clipart Tab.

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