What is the "Solid" option?

An easy way to visually check you have correctly set up a 2D toolpath is to use the Solid option available on the Toolpath Tab.

First, make the toolpath visible by checking the box left of the toolpath's name, then check the box under the Toolpath List labeled Solid. This will place a solid blue line in the 2D window that represents the exact cut path and width of the selected bit and you can quickly see if the toolpath is cutting where you expect it to.

eg. Tickbox

solid tick

Tip: This is a very good way to visually see if the selected bit can fit into all the areas you want, such as profiling around text. If it does not, you can recalculate the toolpath using smaller diameter bits until you find the size that will work or make changes in the design. 

eg. Solid toolpath

Solid toolpath