What is the difference between Updates and Upgrades?

Each version of the software comes with a Version Number.

For example: VCarve Desktop v8.012

In this example, VCarve Desktop is Major Version 8 and Minor Version 0. The following 2 numbers then give it as Patch number.

When you do a software Upgrade, you are doing a transfer from one Major Version of the software, to another Major Version of Software. These Upgrades are almost always done via the Vectric Store Upgrade Page, or via an email notification to your registered email address.

For example: This could Upgrade VCarve Desktop v8 to:-

Aspire v8 or higher when released

VCarve Pro v8 or higher when released

VCarve Desktop v9 or higher when released

When you do a software Update, you are updating the Minor software version and the Patch number.

Currently all Vectric customers are able to download the latest Minor Version update for the Major Version they own.

For example:-

Aspire v8.007 -> Updates to Aspire v8.012

VCarve Pro 7.0 -> Updates to VCarve Pro 7.514

All Software Updates and Patches can be downloaded within the software by going to Help Menu -> Check For Updates. This will begin the download of the latest available Updates for your software, and will require an internet conenction. For Manual Patching visit the Software Updates Page to download your patch. If a manual patch does not automatically find the software version when used, it is likely that you do not have the correct Update for your Major Version.



Major version releases include new Major features for the software, such as new tools and important features. These are usually Paid Upgrades.

Minor Version releases include some smaller new features or adjust existing features to make them easier to use. These are usually free Updates.

Patch releases include minor tweaks and fixes to ensure existing features work as intended. These are always free updates.