What are the right settings for Model Resolution?

There are many variables in play here and not one answer that fits all situations. But here are some thoughts and guidelines:

  • The more detailed the 3D project will be, the more model resolution may be required.
  • The larger the 3D project, the more model resolution may be required.
  • A good practice when creating a 3D model is to keep the Material Size just a little larger than the 3D model size. If this is not possible, such as when creating a curved molding, a higher model resolution may be required.

There are also two available higher resolution modes, Extremely high (20X slower) and Maximum (50X slower) that are not normally visible. They can be made available in the Model Resolution pull-down menu by holding the Shift key down before selecting Create a new file or Job Setup. These are provided to help with very unusual or unique situations and should be used with caution, as your computer performance will be degraded. For most users, the 3 normally available Model Resolution settings will cover every project.

We have also prepared a PDF document that explains Aspire's Model Structure in more technical terms. However, understanding this document is not required to get good results from Aspire. So, if reading this leaves you confused or you have trouble understanding all the technical aspects, do not get concerned and simply refer back to the tutorials and information above.

Click here to open the Vectric's Model Structure document