What are some problems and solutions for importing DXF files?

When importing DXF files in from other CAD systems, such as AutoCAD, TurboCAD, Rhino, etc., the files will be opened in the original size and position.

Problem - Vectors did not import correctly

DXF files from other CAD systems may often appear as individual lines and arcs after being imported and cannot be v-carved or pocketed between unless the vectors are joined together using the tools supplied within Vectric Products.

 These lines can be profile machined using a Profile-On toolpath, but the individual vectors will machine separately which may result in very jerky machine movements and slow machining times.

Solution - Join the Open Vectors

Use the Join Open Vectors tool to join the lines and arcs together so they can be machined more efficiently. The Join Open Vectors tool is started using this icon  and can be found within the Edit Objects section of the Drawing Tools of Cut2D, VCarvePro and Aspire.

In addition, Aspire and VCarvePro have the ability to convert vectors into all lines, all Bezier Curve or all Arcs using the Fit Curves to Selected Vectors tool  which can greatly improve cut quality on some machines. 

Problem - DXF file fails to import

If a DXF file fails to import, it may be due to the DXF version or the DXF file contains entities that Vectric software does not support. 

Solution - Export in another format

If this is the case, try exporting the file again from the original CAD system in AutoCAD R12 or R14 format as these tend to be more compatible. The ability to export in older versions is normally offered by all major CAD systems. If needed, please consult your CAD application documentation for full details on exporting vectors.

Problem - Imported Vectors do not contain original Bezier Curves

The DXF formet does not support Bezier Curves, and can only save Arc curves and Straight lines.

Solution - Export in another format

In your original application, use a different format to save your vectors, such as Ai or EPS. Alternatively, modify your design before saving to convert the Bezier curves to Lines and Arcs, which will export correctly in a DXF file.