Organizing Clipart in Aspire and VCarve

In addition to Adding New Clipart to the software, you can also organise the various folders in the Clipart Tab from within the software itself.

With the Library Browser option open you can see that under the list of folders you have 2 options.

Remove Folder: This option will remove the last folder clicked on (Such as Clipart or Design&Make)

Add Folder: This option will open a Windows Folder list for you to navigate through. Using this you can select any folder on your computer to add to your Library Folders.

Any Folder added will then list all of the folders it contains and Clipart within those folders in the Library Browser ready to use within you Projects.

Clipart Add Folder


Instead of the Library Browser, you also have the option to access your Local Files directly.

This can be useful if you have a clipart piece that is only going to be used once and you do not want to sort it into an existing Clipart folder.

Select the Local Files option and it will give you a full list of your computers folders. Navigate through the list to find the folder that contains your clipart and once clicked it will display the previews for your clipart below. You also have the option to right click the folders name and use the option Add Folder to Library. This allows you to save this folder for next time should you wish to come back to it in the Library Browser.

Please note: The Add Folder to Library option and the Library browser are only available in Aspire and VCarve version 8.0 and higher, for Aspire v3.5 and v4.5 you will not have these options.