Do you have educational pricing for Vectric Software?

Our educational classroom license is designed to be used in a single classroom environment where up to 40 pupils need to get access to use the software as well as the tutor. The price of a multi-user educational license is the same as a standard single user license. You can find all of our product pricing here.
The terms for an educational license are as follows:
  • Can be installed on up to 40 computers in one single classroom.
  • Cannot be installed on students individual or personal laptops.
  • Can be installed on one teachers laptop, which may be used outside of the classroom.
  • License must be registered to an individual school rather than a school district.
  • License must be registered using an email address belonging to the school or university.
  • An educational classroom license is non-transferable.

For more information on our educational license click here.