How can I improve the cut quality when working with difficult materials and/or deep v-carvings?

When cutting hard materials or very deep v-carvings the tool may vibrate or chatter causing marks on the job.

A tip for improving the surface finish is to:

1. Calculate the toolpath using multiple Z Level passes

2. On your machine - Set the Z Zero position for the tool slightly high (i.e. 0.02" or 0.5mm) and run toolpath 1. (this will leave material on the job)

3. Calculate a second toolpath that cuts the job in a single pass (Be sure to set Pass Depth greater than the actual Min Z depth displayed for toolpath 1

4. On the machine - Set the Z Zero position correctly and run toolpath 2. This toolpath will remove the remaining 0.02" / 0.5mm cleaning-up the surface finish.