Can I control the speed of the Toolpath Preview?

Several settings can change the simulation speed when you preview a toolpath and the actual results will depend on your particular computer.

  • Before previewing the toolpath, check or uncheck the 'Animate Preview' check box in the Preview Toolpaths menu. Having this checked will slow the preview down, having it unchecked will allow it to speed up.

  • Changing the Preview Quality can make a difference on the amount of time it takes to generate the toolpath and preview it. The lower quality setting will allow the toolpath preview to go faster, but the resulting screen appearance will suffer. The higher quality settings will allow the preview go slower, but result in better screen appearance. You can change the Preview Quality by using Toolpaths > Preview Simulation Quality.

  • Aspire and VCarvePro add an additional feature called Preview Controls located on the Toolpath Preview form. These Preview Controls provide full video-like playback control of your toolpath. You can use this mode to analyze the tool moves in detail, moving step-by-step or until a tool retract. To begin using Preview Control, click on either the Run, Single-Step or Run to Retract buttons, which are summarized below.

  • Aspire 4.0 and VCarve Pro 7.0 also add an option of a Speed Control slider which can be adjusted to slow down the speed that the toolpath simulation is run at.