How can I close an open vector?

If you have multiple open vectors you want to close, the easiest approach is to use the Join open vectors tool.  This very powerful tool will show you how many open vectors are currently selected and how many will be closed using the current Tolerance setting once you select Join.

Note: Your design may have open vectors as part of it's design, such as lines. Keep this in mind as you work to join only the open vectors that need to be joined.

The Tolerance setting determines how close two vector ends must be for the Join open vectors tool to be able to join them. Sometimes you need to increase the Tolerance setting until they will all close, but be careful with larger values as vectors may join incorrectly. Be sure to check the vectors carefully after you select Join to verify the results. If the results are not what you want, select Edit > Undo to reverse the operation and enter a smaller Tolerance value. Try to join as many as you can properly do with this tool, then use the next technique to join the remaining ones.

If you only have one vector to join, or a unique situation such as a very large gap, these three additional Join Tools may be a better approach. The tool names describe how the tool will fill the gap between the vector ends.

  • Join / Close vectors with a straight line 
  • Join / Close vectors with a smooth curve 
  • Join / Close vectors by moving end points to a common point