How can I change the Job / Material Size?


The material size for a job can be changed at any time by selecting Edit > Job Size and Position to open the Job Setup form.

 The Units, Width, Height, Thickness and Z Origin can all be changed on this form. 

  • The origin for the job can be specified to be any of the four corners or the middle of the job, and an offset distance can be entered to move the selected origin by the required X and Y distance.
  • Checking Center vectors in material will automatically reposition the vector design central to the new material size.
  • Important: If the Z Origin is moved, all calculated Toolpaths MUST be recalculated.

We recommend that you always recalculate toolpaths whenever the material has been changed. This will ensure the toolpaths cut correctly on the CNC machine. This can be done very quickly in Aspire and VCarve Pro by using the Recalculate All Toolpaths icon  in the Toolpath tab. 

 eg. VCarve Pro

jobsize and position