How can I adjust the depth of my v-carving when it is too deep or too shallow?

If your v-carving is cutting too deep you have a few options:

  • Easiest solution is the use the Flat Depth option near the top of the V-Carve / Engraving Toolpath form. This will still cut angled sides using a v-bit but the bottom will be flat and limited to the Flat Depth amount. This can be visibly different than a design carved to full depth without a flat bottom, but may be your only option especially if you need to work with the v-bits you have on hand.

  • Use a v-bit with a larger included angle, which cuts a shallower v-groove. For example, a 90-degree v-bit will cut shallower than a 60-degree v-bit, and a 120-degree v-bit will cut shallower than a 90-degree v-bit. See eg.1 below for different agnle V-bits on a 2" circle profile.

  • Reduce the size of the vectors to reduce the gap. Typically not practical once the design is set, but may be one option if you have a limited number of different angle v-bits available.

If your v-carving is cutting too shallow switch to a v-bit with a higher included angle, i.e., more pointed.

Tip: Sometimes you may find the best angled v-bit for your project is one you don't have. Find out what v-bits are commercially available in your area and create tools for them in your tool database. Then use them with the Toolpath Preview until you get the results you want. Now you know exactly which v-bit you need to purchase to complete the project. 

eg.1 Different angle of a V-carve bit.