How do I download my free Clipart?

This Article is for the following software:

  • Aspire v8.0 and higher
  • VCarve Pro v8.0 and higher
  • VCarve Desktop v8.0 and higher

New Version 8.0 and higher sales of Aspire and VCarve Pro/Desktop come with a collection of free Clipart files to use in these versions of the software.

Due to their size they are not included with the main software download.

To access them you can log into your Vectric Portal account and click on the "View Downloads" for your software.

This will load a page with your software download and licence details, and when you scroll down the page you will see all of your Clipart links to download from.

Some of these are large downloads (more then 200MB) and will take some time to download depending on your interent connection.

Alternatively, you can install the Clipart from your Media DVD if you selected this option when purchasing the software. If your software was bundled with your CNC machine on purchase, you will have a Media DVD. Load the DVD into your DVD drive on your PC and select the option to install the Clipart and follow the onscreen instructions.