How can I access Clipart for Aspire and VCarve V8.5 and higher?

There are a number of methods of acquiring Clipart for Aspire v8.5 and VCarve v8.5 and higher.

  • Free Clipart supplied on the DVD Media set (If purchased separately)
  • Free Clipart supplied by download from the Vectric Customer Portal
  • Clipart purchased as a pack from Design & Make
  • Clipart purchased from VectorArt 3D
  • Clipart from legacy collection sets such as the Design&Carve Wild West scenes.
  • Clipart exported from Aspire as a .3Dclip file by the end user (Only for Aspire Users)

Clipart from the DVD Media set, the Vectric Customer Portal and the Project packs purchased from Design & Make all come with an automatic installer. Run the installer on the computer which you have already installed Aspire or VCarve and it will automatically locate the correct installation location for you, so you only need to follow the on screen instructions.

To Run the Installer, you can double click the Installer .exe file to begin the install process.

For the other sources of Clipart they will require manual installing as detailed below.


In Aspire and VCarve in an open file you will see the Clipart Tab in the bottom left corner.

Clipart access aspire V8

Here you can use the Library Browser and Local Files tabs to access your Clipart.

The Local Files tab is a full list of your computer and can be used to access any folder on your computer.

The Library Browser is a special view that only shows the specific folders that our clipart installers will store their files.


Installed Clipart will appear in these folders and make for the easiest way to access your Clipart to use when in the software.


Clipart installed from the Aspire or VCarve DVD Media set or the downloaded Clipart installers from the Customer Portal will all appear under the Clipart Heading in the appropriatly named folder.


Clipart Purchased from Design & Make and installed will appear under the Design & Make heading in a folder named after that particular project.

A full video on this can be found from Design & Make here.


Clipart Purchased directly from VectorArt 3D are not automatically installed to these folders but the user can add them by following this guide.

Installing additional clipart.

Clipart from Legacy collections are supplied on DVDs and can also be added to these folders in the same way.

Clipart exported from Aspire as a .3Dclip file can also be added to these folders in the same way.

All of these methods will use the Vectric Files Folder.