Double Clicking loads older version

After updating to a new version, files  (.crv / .crv3d) still open in the older version when double clicked.

This is an issue caused in Windows as it is conflicted as to which version of a program it is meant to call when the user double clicks a file (.crv / .crv3d).

This because an issue usually after upgrading from a previous major version (e.g. Vcarve Pro v7.5) to a newer version (e.g. Vcarve Pro v8.5) and is usually due to not uninstalling the older version first.

Windows fails to correctly update the Windows Registry keys to open the newer version when requested and so to correct this, a couple of steps need to be taken manually.

  1. Uninstall the previous version. (Be sure to back up any custom Post Processors or Toolbit database settings first if you have not already transferred them to the new version)
  2. Reinstall the New version.

Now check to see if this has managed to correct the issue in Windows by double clicking one of your .crv / .crv3d files. This should allow the New Version to over write the effected Registry keys now that the original versions software is no longer installed.

This reinstallation must be done with a computer account that has full write accesses rights to the Windows Registry.