Do I need to use layers?

No, you do not need to use Layers, but understanding and learning how to work with them can dramatically increase productivity and make complex jobs much easier to organize and work with.

Some examples where Layers can help you:

  • You can organize Layers by the toolpath that will be used, such as drilling, pocket, v-carve and cutout. Used in conjunction with Toolpath Templates and this becomes a very powerful production tool.

  • A different color can be assigned to each Layer, helping to visually organize a complex project in the 2D Design window.

  • Layers can be made visible or invisible, allowing a complex project to be worked on one portion at a time.

  • Layers provide a quick way to create backup copies. Select the vector(s) you want to backup, right-click and select Copy to Layer. Create a new Layer, call it Backup or similar, and uncheck the box to make it invisible.

  • When you import a bitmap or vectors from another source, a special layer will be automatically created for this. After performing the operations you need, those layers can be deleted or made invisible.