Component Properties and the XYZ Coordinates Display Different Heights

The Problem is usually that there is material below the Z0, and  the text  in the lower corner represents the components height relative to position of where XY0 is; it does not count the material below 0.

The height listed in the Component Properties on the other hand, does count the material below 0, which is why you will see 2 different heights listed.

To fix this you will need to:

  1. Create a Boundry around the component
  2. Go to Model->Add Zero Plane
  3. In the component list, place the new zero plane above the 2nd component
  4. Right click the Zero Plane in the Component List and go to Combine Mode->Low
  5. Select both Components and then Bake them.
  6. Select the Boundry and the baked component you created earlier and then click the Trim button.

This will remove the Zero Plane and leave you with the orginal component, and will trim the excess material below the XY0.