How can I open a file from Cut3D (V3D), Vector Art 3D Machinist (V3M) or PhotoVCarve (PVC) in Aspire, VCarve or Cut2D?

Yes, Aspire, VCarve Pro/Desktop and Cut2D Pro/Desktophave the ability to import the toolpaths that have been created in Cut3D (.v3d), Vector Art's 3D Machinist (.v3m) and PhotoVCarve (.pvc).

Once imported, the toolpaths can be used as part of the design in larger projects.

Note: While Aspire is capable of almost all operations the other programs can perform, the ability to import toolpaths from these programs was included to provide flexibility between users. 

Here is an overview on how you would do this:

  • You first need to setup and create the toolpaths in Cut3D, 3D Machinist (limited to Vector Art 3D's .v3m file format) or PhotoVCarve and save the file.

  • Then in Aspire, VCarve Pro or Cut2D you would use the command File > Import > Import PhotoVCarve or Cut3D toolpaths.

  • Once imported you can use the visible grayscale of the image and position it where you want for the project's design. The program will then automatically provide an offset to ensure that is where the toolpaths will machine in your project.

Click here to find a Tutorial on Importing 3D Toolpaths into Aspire or VCarve Pro

Click here to find a two part Tutorial on Importing a 3D project into Cut2D

Note: Some tutorial material is written for Vector Art 3D's free 3D Machinist program. The steps for Cut3D would be identical.