What is the difference between the Help Contents and Reference Manual?

The Help Contents can be opened using Help > Help Contents from the Main Menu bar. It is setup to be Context Sensitive so you can click on an icon or screen area and it will take you to that section. In addition, you can also use Ctrl-F to open a search window.

The Reference Manual contains the same information, but is setup to open in a PDF reader and is organized by pages. This can also be searched, but more importantly, it can be printed should one want a version to place in a binder. It is a large document and can be taken to a commercial print shop if desired. 

If you are comfortable with Window's directory structure, the Reference Manual can be found in the C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) directories under the appropriate program's folder.

However, an easier way to find it is to use Windows Start button, select All Programs and find the Program and Version you are using. Select this and one of the options that will appear is the Reference Manual. Click on this and the manual should open in the PDF reader you have installed on your PC.